About us

ADN-Medical is considered to be one of the most reliable company has a history dating back to 1999 with a reputation integrity and professionalism. The company is committed to dealing only with the highest quality companies and services.

With hundreds of contacts in over 50 countries, ADN-Medical Ltd. got high interests coming from many of them in distribution and/or investing in Israeli companies, products and services coming from one of the most innovative and technological county in the world taking in account the vast experience of ADN-Medical Ltd. In the Israeli Innovation companies, technologies, and services.

Israel is now well-known for its talented and distinctive startups, which have led to successful hi-tech companies that are now the building blocks and a fundamental foundation for the strength of Israel’s business. Israel’s tech abilities has earned it the name of the “Start-Up Nation”.

ADN-Medical Alliance Distributors Network offers Israeli companies in the fields of Medical & Environmental Sciences support in allocating distributors, customers and investors in several countries and support them during the process using in some countries its local representatives which can eliminate language and cultural barriers to trade.

ADN-Medical Ltd. invites any distributor, customer and investor from any country who is interested in trading with Israel to contact us. With over 40 years of experience and many contacts in the Israeli innovation market we believe in our success and would be happy to support you in allocating the right products to distribute, buy and invest in start-up companies.


Distributing Israeli Products

With over 20 years of experience, and contacts in more than 50 countries, we supports Israeli life sciences companies to allocate distributors around the globe.

Medical Imaging Systems

For about 20 years ADN-Medical Ltd. was one of the leading dealer and broker of preowned Medical Imaging Systems mainly in the CT& MRI scanners.

Cosmetics and Beauty Products

ADN-Medical supports Israeli manufacturers of cosmetics and beauty products to allocate distributors looking for Israeli innovation products.

Professional Support for Delegations

Host oversea delegations in Israel Organizes technological road shows and site visits. Offering lectures and management development training.

B2B in China

ADN-Medical supports overseas investors / companies or private entities looking for B2B with Israeli companies in the following field of activities. Medical Equipment & devices

Fighting Virus

ADN – Medical Fighting Viruses, bacteria and germs by representing manufacturers of physical, biological and chemical products to protecting Humans against Viruses, bacteria and germs.

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